Are you tired of witnessing racist attacks on white people? Are you tired of black people being portrayed as weak, needy, angry, lazy and untrustworthy? Are you tired of the world hating us while they need us and while they resent us? Are you tired of Media selected, Un-elected tribal chiefs speaking hatred, division and separation? Have you had enough?

So have we and we are going to stop it. WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America are the only capable of stopping it. Lets face it, America has defended, protected and projected freedom to every corner of the world. Our culture works, or faith works and the privilege we enjoy has been paid for and earned. All of us, have contributed to the glory and honor that is America. We all deserve to participate in the dream and we are all capable of doing so. There are no people kinder, stronger, generous nor peaceful people than Americans. The world is safer because of America and the world knows it.

“White Privilege” is a statement designed to add guilt to successful white people for making the correct decisions in life. It is also designed to anger black people whom have made wrong decisions in life. “White Privilege” is the same as White Supremacy. It is the belief that White people, based only on the color of their skin are superior to black people. Those who accept this notion think they are the nice white folks agreeing to take care of the poor uncompetitive incompetent Negroes into their mist. They look at black folks as pets and in constant need of care. “White Privilege” is a belief that the black man is the white mans burden and must forever be managed and cared for…if you are a nice white person.

Black people who promote the notion of “White Privilege” are ashamed of themselves, scared to compete and suffer from an inferiority complex. They believe black people need “leaders” to guide them through life, fight for them and approach the strong powerful white people on their behalf to beg for some benefits under their care. The black self hating groups believes that every problem facing the black population, city, family or individual requires the actions of nice white people.

But are they correct? Of course not! If white people were so powerful, so controlling, so dominate how did we get Obama, Oprah, Rev. White, rap music, NBA and so many other successful arenas for black people. It seems like we would not know the name Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton if white folks had their way. It must be something else.

There is a privilege in America! There are some benefits to some groups here in this country. The privileges of liberty, honor, prosperity and success are reserved for those choosing to participate in the American Dream and the American Culture. It is reserved for those choosing a lifestyle for their family, a moral compass to guide them and the internal fortitude to leave something for their grandchildren.

Yes, there is a Privilege class here, they are called “Americans” and it is an AMERICAN PRIVILEGE. And we are tired of being tolerant, openminded and silent while the destroyers of liberty attack us. If you are tired also, then join us as we stand up for America. No more hyphenations, no more income division, no separations by or differences, from now on we are united by our commonality…Americans!

Mason Weaver ©

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